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At ProAstrophotography you can buy images of astronomy objects roughly divided into 3 categories:

  1. Milky Way or Night Sky Pictures. These images are usually shot using only a DSLR camera or a DSLR camera placed on a mount whose main purpose is to compensate for the rotation of the earth.
  2. Planetary Astrophotography. The pictures from this category cover Solar system objects like the Sun, the Moon, various planets and planet Moons. Occasionally more rare objects photos will be added as well like asteroids, comets etc.
  3. Deep Sky Astrophotography. This category offers photos of a various objects outside of our Solar System. These are the true wonders of the Universe. Here you can find various types of objects like star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies.

We are offering two basic Royalty Free License types to suit your needs.

  1. Editorial
  2. Extended license (4 subtypes)

You can see complete details of our licensing models on our Licensing page.

No. We sell only images as downloadable files.

Image size can range from 5MB up to 150MB. They have resolution from 9 to 25MP.

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Photographs could be printed to the size from 9 x 12 inches (22 x 30cm) up to 53 x 115 inches (97 x 210cm).

Category: Product related

Pictures found online are usually of poor quality/ low resolution or they are not free for commercial use. Many times the terms of usage are not clearly specified and by using these images commercially or even for private purposes, you might be violating the usage conditions.

With a license purchase from, you are guaranteed to get formal rights to use the images in accordance to the purchased license. Moreover, Proastrophotography has high quality images to for a vast variety of astronomical objects to fulfill your various needs. We are collaborate with astrophotography experts and officially licensing the images from them so that you don not have to worry about using the images for your required purpose, after buying the appropriate license from us.

At, we strongly believe that Price is what you pay and value is what you get.

To create one astronomy picture a lot of time has to be put in and it requires a set of specialized equipment. You would usually need large telescope, high quality mount with auto tracking capability, camera add-on, high quality DSLR or CCD camera, various filters and maybe more. Even when you are in possession of such equipment, you need to capture the right time when an object is in the right place, which means not only good timing during a night but also the right time of the year and a night without moon to picture faint objects.
Also good location is not so easy to find. You need to escape the city lights be as far away as possible from any sort of light pollution.

Once the picture is taken, some sort of image post-processing or stacking of multiple photos into a single image might be needed to extract the desired details out of the image(s). Various expensive image correction software might be needed for such processing.

At, we are trying to find a good balance between all this expenses and effort put by our astrophotographers, and offering a fair price to our customers.

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