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We are offering two basic Royalty Free License types to suit your needs.

  1. Editorial
  2. Extended license (4 subtypes)

You can see complete details of our licensing models on our Licensing page.

By purchasing this licence you only pay for the license once and you get to use it forever. You can use Editorial RF images to enhance or illustrate text in print or digital publications (magazine articles, teaching materials, press releases etc.). Any commercial or for-profit usage is prohibited. Usage is also limited for the reproduction/ print run at 250,000 copies.

Category: Licensing

We have 4 subtypes of Extending a Royalty Free license.

Items for resale: with limited print run

Includes the standard license rights.

PLUS allows resale or distribution of physical items: up to 250,000 posters, calendars, mugs, mousepads, cards, stationery items, stickers, t-shirts, apparel items, games, toys, entertainment goods or framed artwork or paper products.

2. Unlimited print run

Includes the standard license rights.

PLUS allows buyers to make an unlimited number of reproductions (Removes the 250,000 print run limit)

This is applicable only to non-resale items like billboards, catalogs, books, magazines, printed products.

3. Electronic items for resale with unlimited run

Includes the standard license rights.

PLUS Resell as many times as you like in all your projects

This applies to the items planed to sell or distribute online (web pages, templates, brochures, business cards, screensavers).

4. Multi-seat license

Includes the standard license rights.

PLUS Extends the rights covered to multiple people in your company, so that more people can use the image (up to 100).

Category: Licensing

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